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Splash Basketball Online

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Splash Basketball Online : the best basketball shooting game challenge online
Made by the creators of Tip-Off basketball

+ Play online match and challenge against friends and others : Best Player vs Player Basket hoops game!

+ Follow your personal leaderboard, challenge your best friends best performances, be the best!

+ Go deep into Miami heat nights, Try a New York futuristic view, unlock 3 others mysterious playgrounds to play your basket match.

+ Try the mission mode : different splashy basketball shoot and real basket combos to achieve your missions!

+ Try our claw machine and play with different insane gifted balls : enjoy our flash basket ball, the mystical bomb basket ball, the weird fun ghost,…

+ Follow the splash to activate real basketball combos and score more and more to win match.

+ Improve yourself with all the metrics you need : dunk, alley oop, swish, hoops…

+ share with friends, be the best basket shooting player.

+ Want to be a great basketball hoop master, achieve rewarded goals in the mission mode

+ Enhance your game, your match, with funky items or real gift

= A unique experience worth sharing. Tipoff!


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