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Monster Baseball

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MONSTER OLIMBPIC BASEBALL is the latest in Baseball fun! Fan or not, you need to check out this great new way to play,.. ZOMBIE STYLE!

The objective of the game is to hit the skeleton’s head as far as you can with your Zombie.
· Tap your screen for the wind-up and pitch.
· Tap your screen again to swing and hit the skeleton’s head.
· Tap before the head hits the ground to make it bounce further!

This game is also integrated with UROn!

UROn is a cool and simple way to capture challenges with your friends and share them with the world.

Just click on the UROn icon from the Monster Baseball main menu, then login with your UROn account and challenge your friends. You have to be a registered UROn user to create challenges.

Install Monster Olimbpic Baseball today and begin your adventure by challenging other Monster players now!



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