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Glow Disc Golf

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Glow Disc Golf in the city has gone underground and disc golfers are deploying temporary disc golf courses in city parks at night to play disc golf with glowing discs and disc golf baskets. Who will lead these mythical glowing night creatures?

Glow Disc Golf is a video game that simulates in 3D what many real disc golfers like to do which is play disc golf at night time by lighting up disc golf baskets and discs.

Glow Disc Golf Features:

– 3D creatures with level progression
– Create custom discs
– Upgrade disc flight ratings
– Unlock new artwork for disc stamps
– Turn based Multiplayer
– Single Player mode
– Google game services (Multiplayer, Leaderboards, Achievements, Save progress)
– 6 18 hole realistic disc golf courses in city park
– Multiple options to throw disc


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