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Basketball Stars Pro Sport

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Basketball Stars is simple and fun basketball game. We are proud to introduce the game that truly recreates basketball to deliver the best gaming experience. Start throwing balls in seconds!

What makes this sports game great:
– Sharp and beautiful HD graphics and basketball courts designed for all devices
– High performance, real basketball movements
– Incredibly detailed courts, choose the one you like!
– Real-time worldwide ranking that updates as you score points. Fantastic!

How to play?
Easy! Score as many balls as you can within 40 seconds to achieve your record. Just like an NBA star!

There are four different balls:
Normal: scores 10 points
Super: scores 20 points and gives you 1 extra second when scored clean
Nba: scores 30 points and gives you 2 extra seconds when scored clean
Extra: scores 40 points and gives you 3 extra seconds when scored clean

Score lots of balls in a row to achieve better levels:
x2: 3 balls in a row
x3: 6 balls in a row
x4: 9 balls in a row


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