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Basketball Dood

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Basketball Dood is a must have application for basketball coaches. A great clipboard or playbook application, it allows users to touch and move players around on a court and then layer on doodles and text. Once happy with the image, users can then save image. Saving a series of player positions can also be used to make animations that can be shared. Can be used on phone or tablet, buy once!

Paid features
– no ads

– BETA create videos of your play animations
– quick play area transitions or use multitouch to position court
– move players, add pylons, refs and a ball
– create/edit/save/share images & animations
– add text and move it around
– various doodles such as arrow line or dotted line
– custom court background images – just drop an image into basketball dood/backgrounds folder and it will appear as a court you can select (recommend 500w x 700h minimum, higher res images should be the same aspect ratio 5:7)


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